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Top 3 Reasons to see VigilantGuy at #SMFusion15

I’m super excited about Fusion this year.  Not just because it’s my first time to New Orleans.  I feel like 2015 is turning out to be the year that ITSM professionals are creating real value within the enterprise.  However, we have too many “old school” thinkers out there.

So I want you to tell you why it’s important to come to my session at Fusion15.  Top 3 reasons:

  1. ITSM Is Boring. Hey, I’m a freak like you, I choose this career path.  But let’s be honest, you could pretty much record yourself saying “Customer”, “Service”, “Metric”, “Process” and “Culture” put it on repeat and replay it for 3 days, and that is pretty much the conference.    I promise you my preso will be many things, but boring is not one.
  2. ITSM people do stupid things. You know I’m right.  My presentation promises to keep it real.  I’m going to review the massive amount of things we do to ourselves in a fun and challenging way.
  3. It’s a scary time to be in IT. The time for transformation is now.  Sure we’ve made lots of great advancements in the management of IT.  At the same time, what is IT anymore?  I will give you insights and suggestions that will help you rethink your value to your organization.

So if you are making it out to New Orleans on November 1st with the intent of improving your processes, increasing the value of your IT metrics, then I highly recommend you skip my session.
However, if you want to have some fun, break up the conference, and get a fresh perspective on how IT engages the business opportunities for real growth and value, then be sure to add my session to your agenda.

Click this link – scroll down to Tuesday 11:15 time slot and hit Add



Also if you are at the #DevOps conference on Sunday November 1st, 2015  I will be presenting at 3:30

Culture Hacking: Fast IT is here to Stay!

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