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More than words….  They needed to make a movie

Well it looks like our Podcast was so succsesfull last week with Michael Cote’ that George Lucas assembled his team of CGI experts and created a powerful video to help demonstrate how a band of IT folks can organize to fight the forces of evil.

“Welcome to Cloud City”
Please enjoy…  “That’s how I roll”

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Digital Transformentalist Twitter: @VigilantGuy Linkedin: Web: Matt Hooper is an industry advocate for Service Management strategies and best practices around Enterprise Service Management. For over 20 years Matt has instituted methodologies for business intelligence and optimization. Leveraging technology to drive business outcomes, he has built an industry reputation for his highly effective approach to creating value through Service Management. Matt is active on Social Media known as VigilantGuy, and co-hosts the weekly podcast: Hacking Business Technology.

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