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This week we spent some time talking about user groups.  HDI, ISACA, ITSMF and SIM (Society of Information Management)

Time is a precious commodity.  It’s our single greatest limited resource, and thus we must find ways to make it as valuable to us as possible.  I try to find ways to spend my time so I can have more time.  User groups have been a great way for me to accomplish this.  By getting to know others talents, resources, needs, helps us see how we can accomplish outcomes by leverage.  Chris relates it as NFL , Networking Fun and Learning.

We recorded this weeks podcast on a Monday, and for some reason it caught us a lot more giddy with a little bit of a sensitive side.  Enjoy the podcast and as always tell me what you think we should be covering and how we can improve.

Note: our new podcast editor did not bleep this recording, so there are a few swears in it.

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