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it’s IT for Business Sake! Value of BSM
 Long before Google bought them, I was a huge fan of Waze.  Waze is not just another GPS.  A GPS gives directions based on least time routing algorithms.  Waze on the other hand delivers accurate estimates, awareness of upcoming issues, and best route options by leveraging real-time feedback from big data and other “Wazers” (crowd sourcing).

Here are a bunch of Waze features that I wish were in an ITSM tool to support BSM.

1) Predictive addressing

Waze starts searching for a potential street address or venue as you type.  It knows where you are, and uses proximity logic to narrow down the most appropriate.  I love it when ITSM tools use this feature in picking the reported users, knowledge base articles, or CI’s.

2) Alert to potential dangers based on others experiences

Imagine for a moment that your CMDB was so robust that it knew when one user of a service was having an issue, that it could start to downgrade the experience for all users of that service.

3) Simple feedback of risk

Waze allows you to report potholes, police, cars on the side of the road in a simple interface of feedback.  Why is reporting issues with IT services so complicated and difficult for IT to collect?

4) Learned awareness

If you launch Waze at 8am while driving to work, the first thing it asks you is: “Are you going to work?”.  If you slow down on a road you typically don’t slow down on, it will ask you “Are you in traffic?”  When is the last time your analytics enabled you to call our users and ask them proactively: “Are you having a performance issue with your application?”
Let’s face it, when it comes to providing an experience of insight, decision making, and risk management, most ITSM tools have failed.  Why?  Because they have not matured to the level of Business Service Management.

Waze has 3 things most ITSM programs fail at.

1) The ultimate goal and destination

Most ITSM programs are not integrated into Project Portfolio Management (PPM) so the activities they are performing are without Return On Investment (ROI) drivers that are captured at the project approval level.

2) Real-time analytics

Most ITSM programs utilize dated reports that are generated at the end of a month or quarter.  Providing no real benefit to re-directing the organization, teams and process.  We need this analysis to help us prioritize and direct our teams.

3) Lack of event driven relationship awareness

ITSM programs seldom if ever utilize event management correlated against the business impact.  The neglect in providing the CMDB clear correlation between assets and business impact cause the failure of systems to require human tracing and troubleshooting.  This leaves the users lost and IT focused on the wrong priorities.
Waze uses events such as speed, location, # of validations, reported incidents, etc… to determine real-time the the travel implication.
Business Service Management (BSM) techniques leverage the relationship of event data to drive real-time analytics to measure against the business objective and goal.  This transparency and intelligence enables IT leadership and CIO’s to make decisions that result in beneficial business impacts.
BSM is the discipline that will take your organization from just focusing on how to fix things better when they fail, to providing real value of failure prevention and proactive problem management.
In my next article, I’m going to breakdown Incident Management to understand how BSM over ITSM needs to be the goal.
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