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UPDATE:  SMAK has been sold to UnifiedInbox, please visit UnifiedInbox.com for more info.   I’ve been inundated over the past few weeks with emails, DM’s and messsages.  “Hey, is Google+ like SMAK”.  Yes, Google+ has some very similar features of SMAK, and we are pretty disappointed we were not out of private Alpha so that people could compare the two.  What can I say…   well, here is what I can say.  Here are just a few reasons why we didn’t release:



Security and Privacy – Google+ launched and quickly realized that people didn’t like it when you stuck 20 of your connections in the “Annoying” circle.  So, of course they shutdown log-ins and scrambled for a fix.
Usability – The most popular question on Google+ so far is “why am I here?” followed by “where is everybody?”.
Intelligence –  So far Google+ makes a lot recommendations of people you should connect with.  Too bad you don’t know any of them.  Really, do you need to be managing 500 new avatars?
CASH  & Klout –  Google has a lot of both.  They can afford to make mistakes.

So the long and short is, hang with us!  We are working hard to bring you a solution that will work not only with Google+, but all of your already invested relationship networks.  We don’t you wasting time, being frustrated or feeling exposed by a new tool.   Your security, ssage and already established network is our biggest focus.  And unlike Google, we can’t afford to make a mistake.

Well, if for nothing else Google+ validated that we like to drag and drop our friends avatars around.  It sort of makes us feel like puppet masters.

I really do like some of the features.  I just see it making my life even more complicated, and yet another channel to check.

How do you feel about it?  Would love to hear your comments.

PS: don’t forget to register for SMAK www.mysmak.com Please visit www.unifiedinbox.com

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