Digital Transformation - Critical for Service Management Success
Digital Transformation – Critical for Service Management Success

Digital TransformationThose DAM Marketing Methodologies…

No, not DAMN, DAM Digital Asset Management. DAM is the CMDB of MCSM Marketing Communication Service Management. Messaging is always changing in Marketing, thus it’s vital to have a relationship management tool that enables you to see the relationship between a Marketing artifact and all its elements; Logos, About Us, Website links, Color Palette, Videos, etc… These artifcats are then used to create marketing collateral which are in turn used to create campaigns.

The idea of not having a DAM strategy and utilizing a Content Management System (aka CMS) is ludicrous to Marketing professionals. Marketing teams are also leading the movement in request fulfillment, investing heavily in project management solutions that incorporate social collaboration, skills based routing and knowledge management…

How about metrics? Do you think they matter to MCSM professionals? You better believe, it. Marketers understand that their services are ever changing and dynamic, thus prioritizing work assignments and shifting the value on assets is a constant flux.

By now hopefully a lightbulb is going off… maybe this is why CMO’s technology budget is growing faster than the CIO’s. This is why the CMO is given a pass on Shadow IT policies and acquiring their own hosting, own collaboration tools, own big data solutions, etc…

IT needs to get a DAM strategy in place (most probably need a damn one as well).
Where digital information and assets are stored is critical to every aspect of IT. Stepping back and looking at the content types is critical. It goes way beyond Incidents, Requests & changes:
Asset information: HW, SW, License, Supplier, Warranty, etc…
Service Agreements: Availability, Capacity, Performance, Remediation, etc…
Projects/Requests: Operational project requests, Innovative project requests, high risk project requests, low risk project requests, etc..

Configuration Management Systems should have solved this for us… but they have fallen short. Vendors have focused on discovery and asset mapping, and lost site of the meta data management that is more critical.

In my next blog I’m going to share VigilantGuy crown jewel… Enterprise Service Mapping model. Which after being promo’d by Vigilant with Managed Objects in the 2006 Pink Elephant expo somehow made it’s way into ITIL V3… I’ll just take that as a compliment. 😉

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